Cara Install CentOS Webpanel di VPS

Cara Install CentOS Webpanel di VPS

centOS Web Panel adalah salah satu Web panel gratis namun tidak Opensource (closed Source) yang bisa Anda Install di VPS Anda. Versi terakhir CentOS Webpanel saat artikel ini dibuat adalah (di rilis pada 08 September 2016), dan sudah dilengkapi dengan API service untuk WHMCS Billing.

beberapa kelebihan atau Fitur centos Webpanel adalah:

Fitur Web Server Centos Webpanel

– Varnish Cache server (improve your server performances up to three times)
– Nginx Reverse Proxy (get you static files delivered in the fastest way)
– Compiles Apache from source (improves performance up to 15%)
– Apache reCompiler + Additional modules installation with one click
– Apache server status, configuration
– Apache Redirects Manager
– Edit apache vhosts, vhosts templates, include configuration
– Rebuild all apache Virtual hosts with one click
– suPHP & suExec (improved security)
– Mod Security + OWASP rules (one click install, easy management)
– Tomcat 8 server management & install in one click
– DoS protection from the Slow-Loris attacks
– Apache with spamhaus RBL protection (Protecting http PUT,POST,CONNECT)
– Perl cgi script support

Fitur PHP

– Compiles PHP from source (improves up to 20% on performances)
– PHP Switcher (switch between PHP versions like: 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.x)
– PHP Selector select PHP version per user or per folder (PHP 4.4, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.x)
– Simple php editor
– Simple php.ini generator in the users panel
– PHP addons with one click
– PHP.ini editor & PHP info & List modules
– php.ini per user account (you can add changes in /home/USER/php.ini)
– FFMPEG, For Video streaming websites)
– CloudLinux + PHP Selector
– ioncube, php-imap

Fitur User Management

– Add, List, Edit adn Remove Users
– User Monitoring (list users open files, listening sockets…)
– Shell access management
– User Limit Managment (Quota and Inodes)
– Limit Processes: The maximum available number of processes per account.
– Limit Open Files: The maximum available number of open files per account.
– User FTP & File Manager
– CloudLinux + CageFS
– Dedicated IP per account

Fitur DNS

– FreeDNS (Free DNS Server, no need for additional IPs)
– Add, Edit, List and Remove DNS zones
– Edit nameserver IPs
– DNS zone template editor
– New Easy DNS Zone Manager (with ajax)
– New DNS Zone list with Additional resolving information using google (also checking rDNS, nameservers….)

Fitur Email

– postfix & dovecot
– MailBoxes, Alias
– Roundcube webmail
– Postfix Mail queue manager
– rDNS Checker Module (check you rDNS records)
– AntiSPAM (Spamhaus cronjob)
– SpamAssassin, RBL checking, AmaViS, ClamAV, OpenDKIM
– SPF & DKIM Integration
– Re-Build Postfix/Dovecot Mail server with (AntiVirus, AntiSpam Protection)
– Email Auto Responder
– Email Explore, read all mailboxes from one location.

Fitur System

– Hardware Information (CPU core and clock info)
– Memory Information (Memory usage info)
– Disk Info (Detailed Disk status)
– Software Info (kernel version, uptime…)
– Services Status (Quick services restart eg. Apache, FTP,Mail…)
– ChkConfig Manager (Quick list and manage your services)
– Services Monitor (automatic restart of services and email notifications)
– Network port usage
– Network configuration
– SSHD configuration
– Auto-Fixer (checks important configuration and tries to auto-fix issues)

Fitur Monitoring

– Live Monitoring (Monitor services eg. top, apache stats, mysql…)
– Use Java SSH Terminal/Console within panel
– Services Configuration (eg. Apache, PHP, MySQL…)
– Run shell commands in screen/background

Fitur Security

– CSF Firewall (Best Linux Firewall)
– SSL generator
– SSL Certificate Manager (quick and easy installation of SSL Certs)
– Letsencrypt, Free SSL certificates for all your domains
– CloudLinux + CageFS
– CSF/LFD BruteForce protection
– IP access control
– Mod Security + OWASP rules (one click install, easy management)
– DoS protection from the Slow-Loris attacks (for Apache)
– File System Lock (no more website hacking, all your files are locked from changes)
– PHP now shows the script name and path in top or process lists
– Apache is limiting number of php processes per user
– Automated Backups

Dan masih banyak lagi fitur lainnya yang tidak kalah hebat dengan cpanel.

Cara Install CWP (Centos Webpanel)

System Minimum Requirement

Untuk bisa install Centos Webpanel, VPS Anda harus memenuhi syarat minimum sebagai berikut:

  • OS: CentOS 6.x (belum support CentOS 7), RedHat 6.x atau CloudLinux 6.x
  • Minimal 1 Public IP Static
  • 32bit Server – 512MB RAM
  • 64bit Server – 1024MB RAM
  • HDD – 10 GB

Cara Install CentOS Webpanel

Update system dengan yum update:

yum -y update

Kemudian download dan install centos webpanel dengan perintah berikut:

Jika dikehendaki menggunakan mariadb (disarankan):

cd /usr/local/src
sh cwp-latest -d mariadb

Jika dikehendaki menggunakan MySQL:

cd /usr/local/src
sh cwp-latest

setelah proses instalasi selesai, Anda bisa akses Centos Webpanel melalui https://alamatIP:2031 (SSL) atau http://alamatIP:2030 (Non SSL)

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